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Do you have the passion, the resolve, the resources to engage your team, your company and leaders in your industry to take action with sustainability and packaging. Have you heard these words before?

  • Consumers say they want it but won’t pay for it
  •  It is a great goal for the company but my department doesn’t own it
  • Why can’t we show more progress inside and outside the company with technology

Roger helps companies find their uniqueness within their strategies especially in packaging and sustainability to successfully influence senior leadership to take action and engage the rest of the company

Roger has led sustainability and packaging platforms within large consumer goods companies inculding Mondelez International and Kraft Foods with responsibilities for

  • Setting public packaging goals
  • Building global teams
  • Gaining support and investment from senior leadership
  • Engaging large retail customers such as Target, Walmart, Tesco, Kroger
  • Developing communication strategies – USA Today, Packaging World, 

Conferences that Roger has been on stage recently about packaging, innovation, sustainability, etc

  • Future of Packaging – L.E.K / Smithers Pira – 2019
  • The Global Pouch Forum – 2019
  • Compliance & Ethics – 2019
  • Waste Recovery Technologies – 2019
  • Caps & Closures – 2018
  • Paper & Packaging Recycling Conference – 2018
  • BXP Live – 2018
  • Perfume & Cosmetics Conference – 2017

Roger has spoken at over a dozen conferences previously during his career at Mondelez International and Kraft Foods. He has been interviewed and written many articles

Here are some links to articles:

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Coaching  – “Go Rogue with Roger” to find what you want, what is best for you and how to do it your way as Roger helps you build your career, your relationships and your life to higher levels as a certified professional coach and 20 years of leading professionals in the corporate world.
Consulting – Create, test and build  your  strategic and critical thinking more quickly with Roger’s 30+ years of experience  bringing new ideas to market and leading teams of engineers and scientists globally to deliver millions in revenue and savings while navigating the complex relationships within and between corporations, customers and suppliers.