About Roger

People may wonder why I chose the name Rogue Zebra for my company as it has nothing to do with my past experience or future business clientele and everything to do with my approach to consulting and coaching. Rogue Zebra is a play on my name with Roger Zellner and after enjoying over three decades in the corporate world, marriage and fatherhood, I decided to have some fun with doing it my way regardless of what others may recommend! The Rogue Zebra approach is recognizing that we all have our unique skills, experiences, challenges and lessons learned that we have been gained throughout our journey. There is not a model for life or your career that one needs to imitate or follow.

I have many different life experiences with my career and personal life and have been blessed in many ways and including learning from many challenges with ups and downs. It’s called life. I am a believer we all have more for which we can be grateful and we all have areas in our lives that are challenging that we would like to change.

My background is over 30 years in corporate America working in R&D primarily in packaging with Mondelez International, Kraft Foods and Oscar Mayer.


  • Innovation – Over 30 years creating and developing new products and packaging for Mondelez International, Kraft Foods and Oscar Mayer (Lunchables original packaging design and development)
  • Coaching –Certified through the iPEC coaching program. Over 20 years’ experience managing individuals and leading teams especially scientists and engineers across all continents, cultures, genders and ages.
  • Sustainability – Led packaging sustainability at Mondelez International and Kraft Foods
    – Quoted in USA Today and visited the White House
    – Spoke at over a dozen conferences from Bentonville, AR to Monte Carlo
    – Led global teams both within companies and externally with industry groups
  • Packaging
  • Speaking – Roger has spoken at 5 different conferences in 2019 alone and has spoken at dosens of different conferences during his career as an industry expert with packaging and sustainability.
  • Future of Packaging – May, 2019
  • Society of Ethics & Compliance – May 2019
  • Waste Technology and Conversion – June 2019
  • Global Pouch Forum – June 2019
  • Caps & Closures – September 2019

Personal Life

  • Married over 30 years to a person who appreciates (sometimes tolerates) the rogue zebra and the father of two wonderful, independent daughters
  • Traveler to many parts of the world with different experiences meeting with people, learning from various cultures and enjoying unique cuisines.
  • “The Sampler Man” as I truly enjoy trying new foods, beverages, experiences and especially learning about people.
  • Born and raised in Wisconsin and currently living in the Chicago area. Lived in Munich, Germany which was wonderful and enlightening.
  • An average golfer and volleyball player who believes maturity is enjoying things that you may not be even average. At least that is my goal!

Contact Roger Today

Coaching  – “Go Rogue with Roger” to find what you want, what is best for you and how to do it your way as Roger helps you build your career, your relationships and your life to higher levels as a certified professional coach and 20 years of leading professionals in the corporate world.
Consulting – Create, test and build  your  strategic and critical thinking more quickly with Roger’s 30+ years of experience  bringing new ideas to market and leading teams of engineers and scientists globally to deliver millions in revenue and savings while navigating the complex relationships within and between corporations, customers and suppliers.