Personal Leadership Coaching

Roger creates a open and trusting environment that supports individuals to find and achieve meaningful goals in their life that will make a positive difference in their relationships, career or retirement. His ability to help people see their potential, understand their obstacles and make conscious choices that feel authentic has been gained through years of experience and honed through the iPEC coaching program. Going Rogue with Roger means he will listen, ask, understand and clarify all without judgement. He has helped individuals:

  • Manage relationship changes
  • Discover their path to healthy living
  • Build a coaching business
  • Find more fulfilling jobs
  • Build roadmaps for themselves and their families
  • Create a future and purpose in retirement and other life changes

Roger understands the sensitivity and confidentiality of each individuals personal situation and especially that each person has their own unique path. Going “Rogue with Roger” means he will help you find your own path in your own way.

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Coaching  – “Go Rogue with Roger” to find what you want, what is best for you and how to do it your way as Roger helps you build your career, your relationships and your life to higher levels as a certified professional coach and 20 years of leading professionals in the corporate world.
Consulting – Create, test and build  your  strategic and critical thinking more quickly with Roger’s 30+ years of experience  bringing new ideas to market and leading teams of engineers and scientists globally to deliver millions in revenue and savings while navigating the complex relationships within and between corporations, customers and suppliers.