Corporate Leadership Coaching

Accelerate your career and your life forward doing it your way by going Rogue with Roger. Discover what motivates you and drives yourself to achieve more of what you want working with Roger as he helps you understand how your values, skills and personality can influence and impact your choices and career decisions.

Have you ever felt

  • Overlooked and underappreciated for what you have done within your team, department and company.
  • Your knowledge, savvy and expertise you worked so hard to gain and harness is not being unleashed to your benefit.
  • Perhaps others seem to have the gift to say the right things at the right time and get noticed, acknowledged and rewarded when you know it could have been you!

Learn to harness your skills and personality to engage and influence others versus just working harder behind the scenes. Understand why senior leaders and managers think and say what they do and how to read the meanings behind their words and actions.

Roger’s decades of leading managers, scientists and engineers within companies across the globe and has given him the skills and experience to guide and help you understand why your strengths, values and desires can be the launchpad. Roger has managed hundreds of scientists, engineers and technical leaders over his career in the corporate business world. His innate traits of understanding, curiosity and strategic thinking will help you gain insights into what makes you unique and how to use your authentic personality and skills

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Coaching  – “Go Rogue with Roger” to find what you want, what is best for you and how to do it your way as Roger helps you build your career, your relationships and your life to higher levels as a certified professional coach and 20 years of leading professionals in the corporate world.
Consulting – Create, test and build  your  strategic and critical thinking more quickly with Roger’s 30+ years of experience  bringing new ideas to market and leading teams of engineers and scientists globally to deliver millions in revenue and savings while navigating the complex relationships within and between corporations, customers and suppliers.